“Only two people, two instruments, a voice and what a sound!”
-David Muse, WPFW-FM, Washington, DC"

who we are

In today’s musical world, the words “original,” “indie,” “progressive” and “fusion” are thrown around freely but with Abigail Palmer & Eric Selby, these descriptions are, indeed, fitting. Abigail Palmer (electric harp & vocals), a music conservatory graduate, comes with a background in Celtic and Classical music, while Eric Selby (drums & percussion) has a history deeply rooted in jazz, Americana, blues and rock. Together, their backgrounds provide a multitude of soundscapes and genres that reflects the multi-cultural, ever changing, millennial melting pot we live in today. 

our history


Abigail Palmer and Eric Selby began performing together in March of 2014. They began by planning to expand to a larger group, but after some time, the duo chose to stay with just harp, drums, and vocals. In January of 2015, Abigail and Eric began recording their first full-length album called Shedding Shadows, which debuted on July 1st of 2015. In January of 2016, Abigail and Eric went on a 10-day South East tour. Abigail and Eric continue to perform on the East Coast, based out of the DC-metropolitan area.

"Abigail's approach to playing the harp is sensitive, heartfelt and exciting. Eric paints a snare drum like he was Rembrandt."
- Maggie Sansone with Maggie’s Music and Alan Chidester with KRFP, 90.3 FM 

​“The drumming has taken me all over the place. I’ve heard a lot of different influences in the drumming and then you add the harp to that with your voice, it creates this tapestry of almost a larger group of being in front of you.”
-David Muse, WPFW-FM, Washington, DC